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Arisaema ringens

Japanese Cobra Lily

Arisaema ringens, Japanese Cobra Lily

Cat# 1522 Japanese Cobra Lily is a very elegant cousin of our Jack in the Pulpit. The flower is composed of a thick purple and white striped spathe that curls down resembling a cobra's head. The spadix or Jack is dark purple. Single flower stalks come up in mid-spring below a pair of giant, 3-lobed glossy, thick, green leaves reaching about 12 inches tall. Unlike many other Arisaemas, the foliage stays up all summer. ;;Japanese Cobra Lily wants partial to full shade and moderate to moist soil during the growing season. Although it is very easy to grow, excessive winter moisture is death to these plants. In time, they may form large clumps. It is truly a gem for the shaded garden. These plants may come potted or bare root depending on their stage of growth but they are of blooming age. They are shipped only when NOT actively growing. Generally this means no shipping between April first and August.

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- exciting appearance of spears, opening quickly to elegant flowers. Just needs a shelter from wind, and good moist soil, and it will reward year after year.