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Phlox stolonifera

Phlox, Creeping

Phlox stolonifera, Phlox, Creeping

Cat# 1422 Running rampant in rich soil in the mountainous woods from southern Pennsylvania and Ohio, to Georgia, Phlox stolonifera forms large drifts of blues, lavenders, pinks, and all shades in between in mid-spring. Interspersed with Foamflowers, Anemones, Celandine Poppies, and ferns, it's truly a breathtaking sight. The leafy mats nearly hug the ground and flowers stems are about 6 inches tall. Flowers are lavender-blue with tiny orange eyes.

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- this phlox spreads nicely in my shade garden. NOt extremely fast, but it pops up in unexpected places a little beyond where it started.