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Euonymus americanus


Euonymus americanus , Hearts-A-Bustin

Cat# 1089 This common shrub of the southeastern woods could be easily overlooked when it is in flower in late spring. But a fruiting specimen is another story entirely. In fall, slender, drooping stems 4 to 6 feet tall may be laden with brightly colored fruits that from a distance look like strawberries. Up close, though, you can see that the round reddish-purple husks burst open to reveal Day-Glo orange seeds. The effect is almost surreal. Hearts-a-Bustin is typically grown in light to full shade. But for a very full plant that can compete for color with a berry-filled Holly, try growing it in full sun with good soil. Hearts-a-Bustin is a favorite food for deer which may be good or bad for your particular situation.

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- Wow, outstanding in fruit. Sometimes there are so many that the branches get weighed down. It DOES flower in late spring, not fall. Mine is planted next to my house and has never been bothered by deer.
- Blooms in spring and the fruit pods erupt in early fall.
- Blooms in early fall not spring. Grows like a blueberry bush. No full sun in the south. Cool pink/purple seed pods w/ bright red/org seeds.