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Aster linariifolius

Bristly Aster

Aster linariifolius, Bristly Aster

Cat# 1026 This tough little Aster is often found in open sandy woods and rocky stream beds where it withstands seasonal flooding and drought. Its natural range is from southern Ontario and New Brunswick to Texas and Florida. It would be a good candidate for dry, exposed places with good drainage. It forms stiff, rounded clumps 9 to 18 inches tall topped by clusters of one inch, blue to violet aster flowers with yellow centers in the fall. The dark green shiny leaves look like Yew leaves. Bristly Aster never fails to attract attention because it looks like a flowering Yew. We recommend pinching Bristly Aster in early June to keep it extra bushy. Just shear the top half off like a clump of grass.

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- Mine have been very long lived and tough. Good for dry sunny areas. Flowers are smaller than most asters but lots of them!
- excellent plant,nice foliage until after flowering,small stature so good in the rock garden, naturalises modestly